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Taiwan Insights is e-newsletter from the Press Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in San Francisco. The division represents the Government Information Office (GIO), Executive Yuan, Republic of China (Taiwan). In the United States, the GIO maintains nine press divisions, which are in charge of promoting cultural exchanges and public relations between Taiwan and the United States.

Taiwan Insights aims to provide up-to-date information and news about Taiwan, which might not be readily available in English. We translate and summarize many of these articles from Taiwanese newspapers and magazines.

The division also provides many other free resources through our library of books and DVDs within our jurisdiction (Washington, Oregon, Utah, Alaska, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Northern California). Please visit our services section to find out more.

If you are visiting our site for information about visas, passports, authenticating documents, scholarships to study in Taiwan, please see our frequent asked questions (FAQs) section. Although this division does not handle these matters directly, we may be able to point you in the right direction.

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