These are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about visas, passports, authenticating documents, student scholarships, doing business in Taiwan and our regional offices. Based on our past experience, here are some FAQs and the divisions of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco (TECO) that are better suited to answer them. (Updated June 2012)


Q: Do I need a visa if I’m visiting Taiwan?

NO, if you are a US passport holder intending to visit Taiwan as a tourist staying LESS THAN 30 days (traveling on a US passport valid for at least 6 months).

YES, if you are a US passport holder staying MORE THAN 30 days.
In this case, you need to fill out a visa application and provide:
a. Proof of a valid return ticket AND a bank statement
b. A passport that is valid for more than 6 months
c. Two 2” x 2” colored passport photos.
d. Processing fee of $160 for all US citizens.

Note: For non-US citizen it’s $50 for single-entry or $100 for multiple-entries

For more details, please click here.

Q: Where can I get a visa application form?

To get visa application form, please click here.

Q: Where can I submit my application(s)?

1. Downtown San Francisco
Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO)
555 Montgomery Street, Suite 200, San Francisco, CA
Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
First Saturday of each month: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. (Closed for US federal holidays, ROC National Day and the Chinese New Year)

2. The South Bay
Chinese Culture Center

(Will hand out and accept applications only. Service for ROC nationals only.)
Hours: 9:15am ~ 12:45pm on Saturday

Q: What if I have more detailed questions about getting a visa, who can I call?
The telephone number for the visa section in TECO-San Francisco is extension 125.


Q: How do I get a document authenticated, notarized or legalized?

You can download forms to do so at the following links:
1. Application Form for Authentication
2. Power of Attorney-for Principal
3. Power of Attorney-for Notary Public
4. Relinquishment of Inheritance
5. Limited Relinquishment of Inheritance
6. Declaration of Chinese Name
7. Letter of Authorization for Academic Record Release
8. ** Adobe Reader software download for form reading
More forms can be found  here.

If you have further questions regarding documentation processing, please call extension 125.


Q: Where can I get a passport application form for a ROC passport?

For passport application form, please click here.

If you have any questions about passport, please call extension  125.


Q: How can I find out about scholarships to study in Taiwan?

The Ministry of Education offers several opportunities to study in Taiwan. They accept applications at the beginning of each year for the Taiwan Scholarships Program, which provides stipends for pre-degree Mandarin Language Enrichment Programs (LEP), undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs. Applications are usually due by the end of March for the fall semester.

Another scholarship is the Mandarin Chinese Scholarship (aka Huayu Enchichment Scholarship) which is a two-semester long program to study Mandarin Chinese and Taiwan culture. The deadlines are usually at the end of March for the fall semester. To find out more or to download an application, please visit the Ministry of Education’s website.

If you have any questions, please call the Cultural Division-TECO which represents Taiwan’s Ministry of Education in San Francisco at or e-mail them at .


Q: What are some of the programs for Taiwanese-American youths?

The Culture Center of TECO (in Sunnyvale) accepts applications from young adults to participate in their programs in Taiwan. In 2010, the programs included:

The Expatriate Youth Taiwan Summer Camp holds a month-long summer camp for accepted applicants ages 16-27. Usually held in July, the program covers Chinese language classes, cultural studies, field trip and an island-wide tour of Taiwan’s famous tourist attractions. For more information, visit the Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission website.

Language Study Program for Expatriate Youth is another program very similar to the Summer Camp, but with more emphasis on Chinese language studies. The program allows youth as young as 14 to participate in 4-week, 6-week and 7-week programs. For more information,  please click here.

Overseas Youth English Teaching Volunteer Service Program is another summer program held in July. This program trains participants to teach English during the first week and then send them to various remote schools in Taiwan to teach. Participants should be at least in the 11th grade or 17-27 years old. For more information, please click .

The World Youth Hakka Culture Camp is the only camp held in the summer and winter. Camp One takes place mostly in July and Camp Two is scheduled in December. For more information, visit click here.

All four of these camps are sponsored by the cabinet-level Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission. If you cannot find the information you need, please call the Culture Center of TECO in Sunnyvale, California. You can reach the program coordinator at extension 117 or 118.


Q: How do I go about finding a manufacturer for something I would like to produce in Taiwan? How should I go about doing business in Taiwan?

The is a great resource for business-related questions. They specialize in helping people find specific businesses and manufacturers in Taiwan. You can visit them on the  or call them at . They also have an office at .

The Science and Technology Division – TECO is also a valuable reference for technology businesses who are seeking possible partners or manufacturers in Taiwan. They are also located at in Santa Clara, California. You can reach them also at .

TECO OFFICES in the US and abroad

Q: What if I live outside of the San Francisco office’s jurisdiction, which office would I call for help?

Our office, the Press Division of TECO, handles inquiries from Washington, Oregon, Utah, Alaska, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Northern California. If you live outside these regions, please check the website for the closest office near you.

We hope this was helpful.

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