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Taiwan International Student Design Competition 2013

The Taiwan International Student Design Competition encourages international creative design exchange and development; further enhancing Taiwan’s standing in creating international designs. The competition is open to students in senior high school and up to 29 years of age. Winners will be awarded a certificate along with a cash prize up to US$12,000.

The competition is a two-stage process. Preliminary selection will rely on the applicant’s electronic file submission and is due by August 15, 2013. Upon making it to the final selection, participants will need to submit a concrete mockup or rending of their idea by October 15.  The final selection will be announced in early November, with the award ceremony and exhibition in late December 2013.

This year’s theme is “Sights and Sounds,” so participants should try their best to incorporate these themes into their creative pieces, whether it is a product design, visual design, digital animation or brand specific.

The competition is sponsored by the Cultural and Creative Industries Center of the National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, Taiwan. To learn more about the procedure, please register online at