The Press Division of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) serves as the public relations office for the Taiwan government in the Northwestern United States (Utah, Nevada, and Northern California). It functions as a promotional resource by maintaining a lending library of books, magazines, DVDs, posters and slides. The division is open to the public and visitors many borrow materials free-of-charge.

The Press Division of TECO-SF collaborates with regional non-profits and universities on film festivals, cultural events, seminars and photo exhibitions with a goal of deepening the understanding between the people of Taiwan and the United States. Visitors may contact us directly at our downtown San Francisco or through the various channels below.

San Francisco, CA 
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Our lending library currently has the following booklets and films.             (updated June 2012)


  • The Republic of China at a Glance  2011 (small booklet, 71 pages)
  • Taiwan, the Republic of China Statistics  2011
  • Folk Beliefs in Taiwan
  • Agriculture (Oct 2003)
  • Economy (Nov 2003)
  • Science and Technology (July 2004)

Cultural Taiwan (6-8 fold-out pages)

  • An Overview of Taiwan’s Indigenous Groups
  • Hakka Culture in Taiwan
  • Calligraphy in Taiwan
  • Popular Food Culture in Taiwan
  • Chinese Medicine in Taiwan
  • Music in Taiwan
  • Lunar New Year in Taiwan
  • The Art of Dance in Taiwan
  • The Aesthetics of Architecture in Taiwan
  • Fold Beliefs
  • Pottery and Porcelain
  • Bamboos
  • Glove Puppetry
  • Taiwanese Opera
  • The Art of Tea

Taiwan on the Move (10 fold-out pages)

  • Road to Democracy
  • A Green Technology Island
  • Engines of Economic Growth
  • The Beauty of Taiwan
  • Human Rights

A 21st-Century Nation – The Republic of China (Taiwan) (10 fold-out pages)

  • Essential Partner in Global Society
  • A Government that Respects Human Rights and Freedom of the Press
  • A Global Economic Presence
  • A Culture with Universal Appeal
  • From Foreign Aid Beneficiary to world Benefactor
  • A Place Well Worth Visiting
  • An Environmentally Responsible Global Citizen
  • A Tried and Tested Democracy
  • Responsible Stakeholder in the International Community

POSTERS (Please note that the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has a much wider section. They can be reached at or

  • The Jubilee of Life – Firecracker
  • The Jubilee of Life – Lantern
  • The Jubilee of Life — Dragon boat
  • The Jubilee of Life — Ghost Month pole-climbing
  • The Jubilee of Life — Temple celebration
  • The Jubilee of Life — Taiwan indigenous people

DOCUMETARY (More recent DVDs on top, older ones below)

  • DOCTOR (a father deals with the sucide of his 13-year old son)
  • Visions of Taiwan’s Mountains
  • The Man Who Plants Tree (Lu Ming-shih’s vision of planting trees along the Tropic of Cancer)
  • For More Sun (students competing in the world solar challenge)
  • Squid Daddy’s Delivery Room (Taiwan’s relations with it surrounding ocean)
  • Taipei Bohemians (theater life in Taipei)
  • Grandma’s Hairpin (a son’s memory of his family in China)
  • The Gangster’s God (Taiwan’s underworld)
  • Taiwan’s Night Market
  • Uncle Stone’s Lotus Farm (a farmer struggles with using pecticide or farmng organically)
  • Sing It (rural school choir’s success)
  • Coffee in Taiwan: Past and Present
  • Spring: The Story of Hsu Chin-yu (bio and info about Taiwan’s White Terror period)
  • The Rhythm in Wulu Village (about the Bunun indigenous people)
  • Unknown Taiwan (Discovery Channel’s look into historic Taiwan)
  • Made Made Marvels: Taiwan’s Hsuehshan Tunnel (Discovery Channel)
  • Birds without Border (Taiwan’s Black -Faced Spoonbills)
  • Baseball Boys (Little league baseball in Taiwan)
  • Time for Dancing (life in the dance troupes)
  • Organic Taiwan
  • Megastructure: EcoArk (entire building made from recycled plastic bottles)

Older DVDs

  • The Fragrant Fruits of Taiwan
  • Tea: Taiwan’s Golden Treasure
  • Pages of Free Minds
  • Unknown Kinmen
  • Taiwan Jetlag
  • From the Background to the Fore – The Development of Gender Equality in Taiwan
  • Green Island
  • Sharing Taiwan with the World
  • The Story of Taiwan’s Industry Clusters
  • Tradition Meets Modernity – New Energy for Taiwanese Music
  • Embrace life – The Story of Taiwan Medicine
  • Food from the Heavens – Taiwan’s Rice Culture
  • An Index of Culture – The Museums of Taiwan
  • Taiwan’s National Palace Museum in Transition
  • Between Heaven and Earth
  • Taiwan Blooms Across the World